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Summaries of the works relevant to the Conroy universe.
The Books:

Buffalito Destiny

[BD] – The first novel in the series. Conroy battles ecological terrorists and telepathic dreams, all while pursuing his destiny. Hadley Rille Books, 2009.

Buffalito Contingency

[BC] – The second novel in the series. First appearance of Svetlana and Billi. First acknowledged appearance of the Celestial. Hadley Rille Books, 2011.

The Chapbooks:

Buffalogic, Inc.: Tales of the Amazing Conroy #1

[T1] – Includes “Buffalo Dogs” (reprinted from Absolute Magnitude) and “Telepathic Intent” (original to this chapbook) SRM Publisher, Ltd., 2003.

Buffalogenesis: Tales of the Amazing Conroy #2

[T2] – Featuring the novelette “Buffalogenesis” and the first appearance of Dr. Penrose. SRM Publisher, Ltd., 2006.

Buffalogistics: Tales of the Amazing Conroy #3

[T3] – Includes “Requiem” (reprinted from Absolute Magnitude) and “The Matter at Hand” (original to this chapbook). SRM Publisher, Ltd., 2008.

The Short Stories:

“A Buffalito of Mars”

[BoM] – Conroy and Reggie help a beautiful archaeologist and encounter an ancient alien artifact. Visual Journeys. Hadley Rille Books, 2007.

“Buffalo Dogs”

[Dog] – Conroy becomes a smuggler First appearance of Reggie. Absolute Magnitude, #16, 2001.

“The Matter at Hand”

[MaH] – Conroy puts his company on the line as he learns to play “Telepaths’ Poker.” The only problem: he’s not telepathic! Buffalogistics.: Tales of the Amazing Conroy #3. SRM Publisher, Ltd., 2008.


[Req] – The origin story. Or how the Amazing Conroy became Amazing. First appearance of Kwarum. Absolute Magnitude, #21, 2005.

“Telepathic Intent”

[TIn] – Conroy falls in love with the Baroness Parmaq and is framed for murder. Buffalogic Inc.: Tales of the Amazing Conroy #1. SRM Publisher, Ltd., 2003.

“Yesterday’s Taste”

[YeT] – Conroy and Reggie meet a fish poet who is more than he seems to be (and doesn’t know it). Transtories. Aeon Press, 2011.

The Novelette:


[Buf] – Conroy arrives on Earth with a very pregnant buffalito. Can he deliver the pups, hold on to them, and avoid the dream-tracking enforcer that’s been waiting for him? Buffalogenesis: Tales of the Amazing Conroy #2. SRM Publisher, Ltd., 2006.

The Novellas:

“Barry’s Tale”

[BaT] – Conroy must save a child from destruction. First appearance of Gel. Buffalito Buffet. Hadley Rille Books, 2012.

“Trial of the Century”

[TrC] – Conroy surrenders himself to Arconi justice as the price to heal Reggie.World Jumping. Hadley Rille Books, 2013.