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Hi there. If for some reason the information you seek isn’t readily available to you in one of this site’s many pages and/or you feel the need to tell/ask me something but don’t feel that doing so in a publicly visible comment is appropriate, then here’s where you can leave me a private note.

I’m already more than a little bit inundated with email, so it may be a few days before I manage to send a reply, but that’s still faster than a reply by regular mail would reach you. It’s all relative.

If you never hear back from me, it’s possible that the website has (for reasons that make sense to its positronic mind) determined that you are a Spammer and has chosen to spare me your remarks. Ooops. Still a few bugs in the system.

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I don’t remember if Bish had children, but suppose he did.
After the memory of him was erased, what would a child of his reply if asked about his father? It seems weird that someone would say they had no father!

Memory is resilient. Much like Druz recalls she’s the Senator’s aide in the first book and concludes that must mean she works for Jorl not Bish.

In the event that Bish has children (I don’t believe he does), they’d unconsciously fill in the blanks so that their reality made sense.

Do you read story idea?
Thank you

No thanks, I have too many of my own.

In Moons of Barsk, the number of planets colonized is referred to as 4000. But later, Abenaki gives a calculation that implies it is 400. How many are there?

Sounds like a typo to me. The number should be 4000.

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