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Windows Mobile 6.1 Vs. Windows Mobile 6.5

The latest Windows Mobile operating system claims to make it easy to stay connected and manage the busy lifestyle of its customers. But is that according to the promise it gives? at this place We’ll cover some differences between the two versions of Windows Mobile and whether they can affect how your phone is used. We will discuss the standard version and the pro version (With touchscreen) For Windows Mobile 6.5

MSN widget

Widgets have a bit of a controversial issue because Users are more pampered with this feature. Whether on both standard and pro versions of Windows Mobile, downloading widgets from MSN makes it easy, easy and gives real-time access to weather information, stocks and other widgets you want to cover. For now, Microsoft is still limiting itself from developers. Hopefully, in the near future, Microsoft provides greater flexibility for developers to create their own widgets in the future. … Read More

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