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How Mister Sparky Electricians Repair Your Doorbell

Have you recently had someone pounding on your door trying to get your attention? It’s frustrating for them and for you –is it time to get your doorbell fixed? If it is, we can help, and this is the general process we’ll use to check your doorbell out and make a repair if it’s having problems:

  1. First, you have to identify whether your doorbell rings at all or not. If it doesn’t, then we’ll move on to the next step.
  2. Weather easily damages the button. An easy thing to do is to remove the cover and clean the contacts that make the doorbell ring. You can use something like fine grit sandpaper or something else with a similar roughness to do the cleaning. If you still do
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    not get a ring, remove the button, disconnect the wires, and touch the ends of each together. If your doorbell works, the problem is with the button. If it doesn’t work, or if the sound is very quiet, there’s a problem with the bell unit.

  3. Check the wires. The next step to follow is to check the wires at both ends – the sound unit and the transformer. Wrap them in electrical tape if they are frayed, or tighten them if you discover they are loose. Observe the exposed wires for obvious signs of damage, and ensure all wires are connected to the bell.
  4. Ensure the transformer is working. Restore power to the circuit that includes the transformer. It’s generally placed on the junction box located in your basement or near your circuit breaker. Use your tester to check for voltage. Set it to ACV with a 50-volt range and touch the low-voltage terminals with both of the probes of the tester. If your tester registers no signal, then you need to replace the transformer.

Fixing Your Doorbell Has Never Been Easier This is just one of many problems your doorbell can experience. If your doorbell rings strangely or quietly, there’s a whole different troubleshooting process, but we’ll show that do you another time. In the meantime, hopefully you’ve fixed your doorbell. And if you don’t have the time to do it on your own, remember that you can always contact a professional.

27. July 2013 by MisterSparkyElectric
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